Monday, June 3, 2013

Strawberry Celebrations

The Beatles sang it best with Strawberry Fields Forever.   The streaming lanes of low lying plants flowing across the landscape make the notion or care of time drift away as one meanders and gathers.

Strawberries dreamily evoke warm memories of past and call to commence the season's rolling in those hot, hazy, humid, complain-while-its-here but miss-it-when-its-gone, bee buzzing, percale sheeting, lake splashing, popsicle dripping, gnat slapping, mosquito slaying, lazy days of summer.  About this time each year up until a few years ago, I would be hunched over those flourishing greens that sprout those almost heart shaped baubles of sweet red lusciousness.  Around the second week of June, usually second picking, we would pile out into the forever-fields and begin to scout the rows for the brightest jewels dangling from a nestled stem.

The kids, myself included, would have to sample a few, you know, to make sure of the bounty's ripeness.  We would leave with stapled crates brimming, and I would be daydreaming of the tangy-sweet ways we could enjoy them besides the instant gratification of munching them down on the car ride home.  Nope, I wanted to savor some throughout the weeks ahead.  Pies, tarts, parfaits, smoothies, salads and of course SHORTCAKE! 

For the start of my tribute to strawberries, I decided to represent the flavors of the fresh cream coated gems by wearing their colors.


Its been upward of  91 and humid this week including today, so I couldn't take being all buttoned up any longer.  Plus I wanted to show the jacket worn open and reveal the pretty ruffle on the tank.  It really didn't alleviate the sweltering.


  I often throw my hair up in this style, but its not usually seen from behind in the photos.  Here is a shot from the back.  Sometimes I pin the edges down slightly to tuck them closer to the pony point.  Then I just let the hair fan itself out and free fall around the crown. 
Jacket:  Coldwater Creek, Tank:  JCP, Skirt:  Ann Taylor, Shoes:  Talbots, Clutch:  Vera Bradley