Thursday, June 6, 2013

Simple Sundress and Strawberry Parfait

Simple & Strawberry & Parfait.  What's not to love?
Pick a bowl or glass of your liking.  Then fill up with layers of fruit, yogurt and granola of your choice.  Simple as that!  That's why I love these.  I have made tons of variations and hold in high regard any dish that can be easily put together, is easy to substitute ingredients with and winds up looking parlor servable.
I used a classic sundae shaped serving cup.  It had a perfect nook to hold one whole strawberry at the bottom in lieu of a cherry on top (but you can add that, too): 

From there, I began stacking my combination of Greek yogurt, pineapple rounds which I used simply for the like shape of the bowl otherwise fresh is best, and granola.  See the strawberry foundation?

After spooning a little yogurt on the base strawberry, I put on a coating of granola.  I actually used a lowfat granola cereal.

Then a sheet of pineapple,
 Then more sliced strawberries,

Then another blanket of yogurt,

 And onward and upward until your cup runneth over.

At the last minute, I thought to sprinkle on some tinsel of shredded coconut.  I bet toasted coconut would bring another dimension to the accumulated flavors as well.  Food for thought.
Keeping things easy today, I am wearing a fit and flair sundress with a cardigan to stave off the chill of the forty degree temperature drop we just encountered.  New England is glorious-once you resign yourself to bizarre and unpredictable weather patterns.  Its a big chunk of the charm of this region.  You may be scrounging for a turtleneck in July or a short sleeved T in January.  I have learned to keep a few off-season items stashed in a drawer year round for exactly these predicaments.

Dress:  Eshakti, Cardigan:  Talbots, Shoes:  Envy via Zulily  Sunglasses:  Coldwater Creek