Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On and Off

I am always cold unless it is above 80 degrees.  When I had a pool, I would not go in the water until it reached 87.  And I much preferred it to be about 92 plus.  Having lived in an antique Victorian for eighteen years, I froze from September until June.  Extreme drafts, barely any insulation, super high ceilings, and practically wall to wall-floor to ceiling windows kept things brisk to put it mildly.  I knew someone was coming in the room as the mist from their breath preceded their entry.

The fight in the winter time was to monoploize the blower holes on the pellet stove.  That was a prime position.  While only one person could reap the full benefit, two bodies could squish for the sake of warmth.  Whomever wasn't quick enough was left to sit on a radiator.  Good times.  If you didn't want a backache from being propped up on a radiator, or if your legs grew weary of standing stove-front, you could put on your hoodie or hat, wool sweaters and two or three blankets and sit comfortably on the couch with only exposed parts growing numb such as hands, faces and ears. 

I must disclose that we loved our house, it served us well, and it was a rare beauty with amazing craftsmanship.  But, it was plain old cold.  Now in an energy efficient home, I am still chilly at times, but I can always feel my limbs and my nose once again matches the color of my face.

Then and now, it's all good.

Anyway, I always have either a jacket or a sweater on or at hand because I lived and learned that being cold is not cool.

Jacket on...


And now that it has reached a cozy 78 degrees, jacket off...

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