Monday, June 10, 2013

A Star and Stripes

This historic landmark in Springfield, MA is even more stunning inside than it is outside.  These snapshots of some of the ornate structure do not show the finer details that make up Symphony Hall.  The bird nets around the pillar capitals hide a bit of the Corinthian design from the lens, but it is visible in person.  The building has been graciously restored through the years, and, especially being an antique-freak, is one of my favorite places to attend plays, concerts and school functions.  The lobby, staging and ceilings are gorgeous, and while maintaining the integrity of the historical elements, fully incorporate comfort and coziness.  Symphony Hall hosts the city schools' graduation ceremonies as well as the elementary schools' ballroom dancing competitions.  I think its remarkable that they lend themselves out for these purposes which helps keep a sense of connectedness with the residents.  This place is a star in the eye of the city.



This teal striped blouse is transferred from casual to dressier wear with ease and style.  I look for pieces that can migrate from denim to silk with a flutter and not forfeit class or comfort in the process.

 Blouse:  Marshalls, Shoes: Marshalls, Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory, Bag: gift, Belt: Kohls