Friday, June 7, 2013

Strawberry Short-Cuts

Who loves strawberry shortcake? ME.  Who does not want to bake in the oven when it is in the mid nineties and humid?  ME.  Who had a house full of people, four pounds of strawberries and was craving shortcake?  ME.  This called for snappy thinking.

The traditional dense, moist but crumbly baked-from-scratch shortcake reins supreme, no doubt.  However, when it is 95 degrees, or if company arrives unexpectedly, or if the kids are clamoring for something to eat, this is a great fill in for the real deal.

No, I did not want to turn on my oven.  Yes, I had many munchers tugging on my frilly apron strings, and they were not all waist high.   I was filtering through possible ways to make a fake cake and guess what?  Graham crackers fluttered across my mind.  So I chased the idea into these little squares. 

I get a kick out of people's faces, young and old, lighting up about the simple things.  As soon as I started pouring strawberries onto the cutting board, I had a sparkly-eyed audience surrounding me.  These were a huge hit!  No pun.  They literally hit the spot for a no-bake treat, and the floor.  Fair warning, do not stack your cracker with too many slices of strawberries or too high whipped cream.  It will be top heavy, and as you sink your teeth into your first bite, the remainder will slide right off and decorate your floor.  The first one that went down, we laughed and thought it was a clumsy mistake.  Then we started hearing flop, smack, splat.  We had several short-cut casualties on the kitchen floor.  Not funny anymore.

So, three words to the wise; do not heap. 



Keep slicing,

Whip the cream and snap apart crackers,
 Pile on,
Swirl on,
Or plop on,
Sprinkle on,
 and done.
Fun Tip: 
 Use a different tip to make other designs,

Allow the clamoring guests whom have been dancing in their shoes intensely watching the assembling process to finally snatch one.