Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Im Eyeing

Hadn't planned on another "eyeing" post so quickly, but I got a Zulily email that Down East is being featured through them.  This is a really great store for different clothing at excellent prices.  Their style is modern vintage. Figured I would pass along the opportunity.  Or, you may want to see what the other sale offerings are as there are usually several going on at the same time.

Some pieces which I quickly spied I linked to, but there are many more styles you may want to check out for yourself.

The way Zulily works is through signing up to its site with your email.  They send their sale notifications out to you as they occur.  The sales change daily and last about two days each.  It is not only clothing, but household essentials and all kinds of stuff discounted.  I happen to love this site for exceptional bargains, but the downside is, things are usually not returnable so you may need to alter if the fit isn't exact.  Not a big issue, but wanted to make you aware.

Happy browsing!

Linking through my referral invitation or put my name in the referral section of their site, it gives me a little store credit if you happen to purchase anything, for which I would be so grateful.