Welcome!  I am so happy you have found my place to display my creations, innovations, inspirations, contemplations and musings.  I take writing and posting things for public viewing very seriously.

I seek to share with you the things I find interesting in this vast and churning world as seen from my petite frame of reference.  I am only one bitty minnow in this ocean of creation.  Literally.  I am only five feet tall and just an ordinary being attempting to figure things out a little more every day.  I have lived a while, learned a lot and desire to be a heartfelt and teachable student in my course of life.

Ever since I can remember, I have had a strong inkling to write, design, create, craft, explore, bargain search and talk.  I am a daydreamer with a love for discovering beauty from within and without, the old and the new.  Everything and everyone has a story to share with a keen observer or attentive listener.  Some may need a bit of priming or primping, but the story is there waiting to be revealed.

Apparently, I was a bit slow to develop my speaking skills as a toddler.  I assure you, I have more than adequately compensated for my delay since acquiring and activating the technique of phonetics, otherwise known as chitter-chatter.  I enjoy talking with people be it written or spoken.  Many of my former teachers can attest to my <ahem> humble facilitation of verbiage.

I have a passion for vintage and a compassion for vintage.  Flea markets, tag sales and antique shops gleam like diamonds when I spot them.  A beat-up dresser with half the drawers and knobs missing elicits a Pavlovian response in me unmatched by any salivating dog.  It crushes me to see potential disregarded.  How can I pass it by?  I cannot, so home it goes with me in hopes that I may revive it.

Things I adore: God,  my family, my friends, writing, observing, shopping, baking/cooking, photography, decorating, crafting, music, singing even though I am terrible so maybe I'll say humming, learning, food, reading, beaches, biking and tons more stuff.

Why the blog title of The Scarlet Thread 7?  My favorite color is red, I love clothing and textiles, 7 is my favorite number plus I needed an add on for the URL to be valid since the scarlet thread was taken.  It is also a symbol of redemption in the Bible.  Even though I try really hard to live and behave in a becoming and altruistic manner, I know I need a little redeeming by the end of the day.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in English Literature.  I wrote and published a book titled "Into the Depths of Prayer," and would love to write several more.  It is available for purchase, just email me.

My name is Kara, and I graciously invite you to spend time with me each day because I honor the chance to help someone smile or ponder or dig their heels into their own creativity and insights.  I welcome you to reciprocate through thoughtful comments on my posts.
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