Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Strawberry Embellished Chocolate Frosted Donut Fake-out

The best donut shop in the country, in my bashful opinion, is in a town where I grew up.  Mrs. Murphy's. I have tried all the area donuts and the bigwigs - none compare.  The proportion is perfect and the textures are spot on per type.  Their cakey ones are thick and cakey.  Their doughy ones are fluffy and doughy.  And flavors? Seasonal and year-rounders, all scrumptious.
My oh my I miss being near that shop.  It is probably for the best.  Now I have to rely on my mother jaunting through that area and then to visit me in order to indulge.  She has happily taken on donut duty.  When I see her coasting into the driveway then gathering her things out of the car and double checking her stuff and then arranging it on her arms and then turning to saunter up the walkway at the casual speed of that infamous turtle, I have to restrain myself from lurching at her while my eyes zero in to spy that 12 x 12 treasure trove. I want to call out "Hey there! What's taking so long?? You are carrying time sensitive cargo!"  But I would never do that (well... never say never).   Instead, I make a b-line to receive that beautiful white box tottering on my mother's loaded arm - oh, I mean receive her, of course.  I try to be cool and act like I'm just trying to help her manage her bags.  Which I truly am.  But I really want to pounce on that box, too.  I lift a bag from her hands while being extra helpful by yanking that precious box off the scale of her forearm.
The box is weighty and warm.  The aroma of vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon and fresh dough slips out from slightly buckling folds.  I plunk it down on the counter and jam my finger into the corner flap.  The taped sides always slow me down.  Hate that tape.  I have broken nails ripping through that tape.  Entirely worth it.  Because once I throw that flap back, I am giddy with the choice I must now make.  Honeydew or Honey dip?  Chocolate glazed or lemon filled?  Cruller or round?
Thanks, Mom!
Being that I only get that white box delivery like once every four months, I had to create something similar to the chocolate frosted for the other 362 days of the year.  This is what I came up with:

Isn't it the cutest little thing besides babies, kittens and puppies?

As this is strawberry celebration week, begin, of course, with fresh strawberries-

And sweet dinner rolls.  These I bought, but homemade sweet bread is even better.   If short on time or not keen in the kitchen, the rolls are a great alternative:

Slather on some Nutella or a chocolate spread of your choice-

I use about one or two tablespoons.  Make sure to cover almost to the edge in lovely swirls-

Layer on slices of strawberries-

Don't forget to act all debutante and stick your pinky out when you scarf down that faux donut.  

I make these with or without the berries.  Without berries, I simply put the top of the roll on and have a little chocolate sandwich.  Further jazz these up by adding a dollop of whipped cream.  Yummers.