Thursday, June 13, 2013

Doilies and Denim

There is just something about doilies that I love no matter how old fashioned.  Yarns and threads so intricately and delicately stitched until culminating to a dainty web of lacey loveliness.  I crochet, and I have yet to attempt anything lacey in design because the patterns are so intimidating to me.  I can't help but appreciate the finely skilled hand that has looped and hooked until what drapes from the palms is a woven work of art. 
Nature weaves its own shapes and designs which resemble doilies along the lake.  The verdi-green ornaments climbing the bark of a tree.  A sea of striped leafy circles blanketing the surface under which their water flowers float up to socialize among them. 

Trailing tree branches curve and bow as though quenching a thirst with the rippled pool below.  Tangles of vines and stems wind an illusion of a mastermind's web of sprawling dense greenery.






Denim jacket: Abercrombie/gifted, Dress: Kohls, Shoes: Sperry, Scarf:  Zulily