Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pretty Delicious and Variations on a Gray Theme pt 2a

Immediately the color and the tag line grabbed my attention (good marketing).  A major smoothie lover, I am always on the lookout for a new recipe.  So when I turned the page of my magazine, this snazzy little temptress practically jumped into my blender.

I modified the ingredients a smidge as far as the fruit goes, well ok, completely changed the fruit, but kept the base yogurt and spinach.  The original in Fitness Magazine was fresh or frozen mango, lime juice, grapes, and avocado.  I didn't have half the stuff on hand so I cut it out:

1 container strawberry Greek yogurt
5 large fresh strawberries,
splash of o.j.
2 cups spinach

I'm listing these just in case you want to have at it.

Here is my version of the Green Glory:
Bottoms Up 

Isn't it quite the tantalizing concoction <gag> in all its vitamin and mineral beauty <gag, choke>?  Pretty and Delicious are not the first two words that come to mind.  I added the ice cubes in an attempt to improve the swallowability of it.  My first mouthful kind of lingered at the border of my throat as it had instinctively erected a No Trespassing barricade.  Pretty Delicious was denied access until I sweet talked it on through.

It took some effort to calm the gag reflex as each sip went down.  I decided chugging would end the assault more quickly, but I had to not breath or think or look.  And here it is, several minutes after thinking happy thoughts and turning off my olfactory, taste and esophagus senses. I actually got used to it.  It sort of grew on me like a skin tag-not so attractive but tolerable.  How did I go so wrong??

All in all, I would not recreate this again.  However, after evaluating the colossal health benefits once ingested, (and falling prey to the virtually subliminal upper corner caption 'eat/good for you'- or maybe it was a warning!) I'd say this was, in the end, from a nutritional standpoint, Pretty Delicious.


I left these out of yesterday's grays post, so figured I would sneak it in today.
Bright Pink and Leopard:

Skirt: JCP, Blouse: BR Factory, Belt: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Zulily

Spring Green, Neon Pink and White:


Skirt: Target, Sweater: Talbots, Jacket: Kohls, Belt: JCFactory, Shoes: Macy's