Friday, May 24, 2013

Corny Confession

I am clenching my jaw so as not to let the words loose, but they are ramming at my teeth to bust out and proclaim they come!!...

Kellie Pickler made me cry.

Yes sir, she did.  Thankfully, you can't see the heat trickling down my face for admitting this.  And thankfully, no one was home to see my slobber session.

Here is how it started.  I called my mother last night to say happy birthday, and she was watching Dancing with the Stars.  She mentioned that Kellie Pickler won and didn't realize it for a few moments after the announcement, silly girl.  We were talking about how she is very cute and a wee bit trippy.  We recalled the days of her on American Idol.  So this got me curious to see how she dances.

Although I'm not really a viewer of this particular show, I love dance.  When I was a teen, my aspirations were to hitch a one way ride to hotspot NYC, rent a studio and dance my way to fame (literally, I wanted to be on the show Fame or at least in a sequel to the movie).  I was Jennifer Jr., aka flashdance girl.  I already owned leg warmers and several Hanes sweatshirts that I lopped the neckline off of so it would slump down over my shoulders in that oh-so-cool way.  Alas, life had a very different path for me, and I did not jump in a "Brooklyn or Bust" beetlebug van and head for the concrete jungle.  (Not that life anywhere can't be a jungle, I have discovered).

Enough about me, back to KELLIE.

I went to my on demand channels and picked the season finals.  Fourth up were Kellie and Derek.  I have seen Derek before and cannot even speak of how amazing he is as a choreographer and dancer and person in general.  I find him to be very gallant, chivalrous to his partners, and a fascination to watch as he helps them emerge from their dancing cocoons.

Well, let me just say, that from the first step on the floor, I was raptured in the emotion of the song and dance.  I could not take my eyes off of her.  Now Derek, whom is a spotlight stealer by absolutely no intention, he is just that good, well he created this dance to completely showcase Kellie and put himself as a subtle anchor.  That is a great teacher-to exalt the student. 

Ms. Kellie more than held her own.  She was a strong and graceful beauty.  She yanked my heart straight up into my throat with her first move.  I strained to keep tears from forming, but as the first one welled and then slipped down my cheek, I threw caution to the wind and let 'em rip.  I couldn't wipe them away fast enough before more were chasing after the first.  I am like that with seeing people excel.  Especially children.  Oh my goodness, I bawl at recitals, plays, speeches, concerts, games, awards-anything where a kid is putting himself out there, trying to find is or her way in their little life meanwhile making our environment just a little bit better for it.  Even if its not my kid or a kid I have never seen before!! I can't tell you how many times I pretend to know whomever just sang or acted or spoke to cover up my emotional belligerence.  Ok, not belligerence-basket case?? haha.

This striking dance sadly came to an end as most good things must.  Just as I was yelling at myself on the inside to pull it together and wondering if anyone else reacted this way or am I having a sensitive day (er, life), the camera panned the audience and judging table.  There was CarrieAnn with her expression retracting from her full-on cry face while she swiped at the tears.  Several audience members wore streaks on their cheeks also.  Yes!  I had crying cohorts.  I could boldly profess, "Kellie, you literally moved me to tears."

Anyway, that was the start to my day.  And now, after fessing up, I feel so much relief.   I can strip off my crimson cloak of embarrassment. I refuse to be a closet crier any longer, embracing my weepy sentimental bleeding heart hereby unleashing it to 'carry on' for the greater good of mankind to see- It's ok to cry.  Especially for the little things.  So the next time you feel the rush of a good cry coming on, whip out that handkerchief, let your watery eyes sparkle, your tear-glistening cheeks puff with a smile, hold your red nose high and let out your inner cry.  With a touch of encouragement, it just may become contagious.  There are worse thing that could be spread around than a joyful cry.

Thanks for spending time with me, now 'carry on.'

I am a fashion rebel with a cause. To break from the grip of the ancient fashion faux-pas for wearing white before Memorial Day.  I had a literature professor who used to ask us if we would go for a cup of coffee with certain authors.  Well I would like to go for a lemonade, (or would that be gauche because its a summertime drink and we are only in spring), with the author of this fashion rule and pick his or her brain for the logic behind this one.  Once warmer spring arrives, why not white? By then aren't we more than ready for lighter fresher colors and clothing?  For me, this is still a hard one to get past since it was so strongly engrained.  But I am bucking the system and posting a white skirt before Memorial Day.  Take that fashion faux-pas decider.

 And unbuttoned..

 Skirt: JCP, Blouse: Liz JCP, Belt: Ann Taylor, Jacket: Kohls, Shoes: Stuart Weitzman hand-me-downs from my awesome sister.