Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cast-aways and Corals

I am a yesteryear, or more accurately a yestercentury, kind of girl.  Things that are battered and worn, scraped up, busted apart and in need of love, well I'm your girl.  They summon me from the dark dreary crevices of attics, garages and yes,  cast out on the curb.  The ugliest duckling, runt or underdog grabs my heart.  That transitions smoothly to household items, furniture, and décor. I am smitten by nostalgia, and seeing something that was well-loved before my time began swoops me away to decades past.  Vintage clothing beckons  me from the hallows of storage.  Old stuff lures me with its sentiment and reels me in with its possibilities.  Yeah, it takes vision to see its potential at times, but it already has worth on its own.
Seriously, I could browse an antique shop, tag sale or salvage yard for hours just pondering the many uses of things by their former owners as well as daydreaming about what I might put to use.  I have a very eclectic and rather scattered idea of what I want my house to speak of my style.  Which leaves me stranded with ideas spilling from my head while I try to sort and configure, pick and choose.  I like to blend the ambience and craftsmanship of the good ol' days with the energy and  creativity of today.
For now, I just keep piecing things together, snatching up some finds, acting on some ideas and letting some things slip away in regret.  It's all part of the evolution of defining and refining my little pint of life. What I desire most for my home is simply that. To be a true home. A place my kids will always feel joy and a comfortable ease while dwelling in it and later, upon reflection, it will evoke a sweet hazy serenity, and of course, a lovely dose of nostalgia.

 A handpainted tray from a tag sale complete with rust- no, no not rust..patina!

 A dilapidated bench perfect for bedside once spruced.

A side table I refinished in white paint leaving some of the original varnish to shadow it.

 Cardigan: JCrew, Head scarf can't remember, Shell: TJ Maxx, Skirt: Ann Taylor, Shoes, Target.