Thursday, May 23, 2013

Here Comes the Sun

You may want to put your sunglasses on for this post, haha, but for real.

I ordered this cardigan on final clearance from JCFactory.  It appeared online as a rich yellow, but when I opened the package, my pupils dilated to pencil points!

Being that yellow is my second favorite color preceded by red, I could not hurt its happy yellow feelings by stashing it under a heap of barely-wears, nor could I return it even if I wanted to (which I did not).  It was fierce inside, but when I stepped out into the sun it was like something nuclear.  I will be gracious and only put the indoor photos here.


I am wearing the sun.

I will give your eyes a minute to adjust so you can continue...

It was even messing with the camera's light sensory.  I think my poor Canon was trying to squint.  The autofocus wasn't focusing properly as the glow competed against the natural lighting.  It won.  I could not get consistent photos, and the true boldness isn't quite coming through.  It was the neon mama of neons.

It wasn't called neon on the site.  It was called Retro Lemon-nothing to indicate fluorescence.  The first funniest thing is, it sold out!  So there are some fellow yellow sympathizers out there I can befriend.  The second funniest thing is, I ordered this color in a pullover, too.  Just when the extreme exposure flashes fade from your eyes, I will post that one!  Just kidding.

Cardigan:  JCFactory, Dress: Lands End, Belt:  Talbots, Shoes:  Lands End 

We had a surprise 60th birthday to attend, I was the "light" of the party in this.  After the initial shock, I came to absolutely love it.  I washed it thinking it may fade, but being that trusty JC quality, it did not.  And I am glad!

These are the little treats I made for the party.  Hey, I had to redeem myself for scorching everyone's retinas. 

 Aren't they so cute and friendly?  I will get a tutorial posted next time.  These are a butter cake with vanilla buttercream frosting mini cupcakes.  All from scratch, but e-a-s-y.