Friday, October 11, 2013

Orange Marmalade Salsa Chicken Bake

Some nights just do not warrant a fussy dinner.  However, that does not mean that nutrition nor flavor must be sacrificed.  It does not have to come from a box.  I pushed and pulled and swirled my culinary creativity jeering it away from the dreaded box and into a....jar.  I try to think outside of those for a quick, thrown in the oven dish which requires two seconds of thought and still renders something quite delicious.    Tonight being one of 'those' nights, I had chicken legs and not much energy left.  I stood at the counter with my pack of legs jumbled in front of me and blankly stared at them.  Then, as I attempted to tap into the realm of innovative, sous chef visionaries, the blankness droned.  So I went back to being regular me.  Mentally rummaging through my cupboards, salsa popped into mind.  I don't care for heat so it would be mild as I much prefer tangy and sweet over spicy and hot.  What would add delicate flavor to the robust salsa even in its most mild form?  Orange marmalade.  Victory for the ordinary cook.

The recipe formulated swiftly.  It is quite in-depth and skillful.  Ready?  Here your pen out?  You may not be able to remember all the technical details--

Place chicken in pan in staggered position.

Dump jar of salsa over it.

Dump jar of orange marmalade over it.

Slosh it together with chicken.

Let the oven do its thing.

You do whatever you choose ( I highly recommend nothing).

Bake till nearly falling off bone at 350 degrees (approx 1 1/2 hrs).

Don't forget to scoop the extra pan sauce over your plate for extra chicken dipping!

This would also be perfect for setting over rice or couscous, if you are feeling really ambitious.  Otherwise, as we did, just munch the meat straight of the bone sans any accompaniment.  Because sometimes you just have 'those' nights.

Pardon the dark pictures.  My flash would not work.  Par for the course.