Thursday, September 12, 2013

Last Little Dips

This is probably my last little dip in the lake for this fleeting year.  Summer whipped by, again.  Doesn't it always seem to do that?  It's screeching hot and then poof.  Gone.  So, on this most likely last ninety degree day, I headed to the water to wade my farewell for the summer.  I may pop by to sit and think or read or daydream or just gaze at the ripples before they are frozen still, but I doubt I will set heal or toe in the water again till next spring.

Such goes another summer, fluttering by.   Soon Mr. C. Gull will be flying this coop.

Till we splash again.....

The evidence of a new beginning.

 So I say..

 Let's ring in the new season with joy.  I love the fall.