Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Simply S T U N N I N G

I almost did not want to add words to this post because I did not want typesetting to infringe upon the gorgeous outdoors in these photos.  Yet, I wanted to share my day with you, so I figured I would write after the fall landscape shots.

These were taken at Breezeland Orchards in MA when I took the kids apple picking yesterday.  No, very sadly, there were none left on the trees for us to meander through the lush acres plucking the sweet and tart fruit to place in weather beaten wicker baskets.  There would be no sibling hoists to acquire that just-got-to-have-this-one apple as it innocently tempts up yonder with its fragrance and shiny color, way beyond a sneakered boost from ground level.  I was worried this might be the case as the season was short in our region.  It actually ended a week ago, but we just could not get out there to reap the bounty for ourselves.   We would still enjoy the incredible scenery, aromatic bake shop, and seriously perfect weather.  I settled on a 1/2 bushel of pre-picked honey crisps.  Even though they seem to burst with even more deliciousness when your own two hands have gathered them, the pre-picked kind would nicely fill the void this season.

Of course, I could not leave without my share of these:

Don't worry I won't!

My twisted arm behind me, I didn't just speak "yes," I shouted it!

They will not survive the ride home.

I am a huge fan of plain donuts.  My craving for them is the result of a donut factory movie I watched in elementary school.  In second grade, we all filed into the gymnasium for a donut assembly.  Why?  I have no idea.  But it left its mark.  I dreamed about plain donuts for years.  As I watched them be mixed, poured, deep fried and strewn onto a conveyor belt as they were sent to packaging, I could hardly contain myself for need to run home and beg my mother to buy me one--or a dozen.  To this day, I will warm them slightly and devour them.  These cider donuts are the Bentley of plain donuts.  With the apple undertone and a gentle covering of sugar and cinnamon, there is nothing plain about them.  Especially fresh and warm.

In lieu of wandering on foot through lanes of ripened apples as there were none left dangling from tangled branches, the farm offered tractor rides for those who still wanted to tour the fields.

Yummy fruit + yummy donuts + yummy weather = A DELECTABLE DAY