Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dressing Blue Delftware

Blue Delftware is as striking to me today as it was to those whom adored it when it was first created in the Delft region of the Netherlands way back in the 1500's.  My daughter is a loyal blue fan, and she requested her room to be blue and white several years ago.  I was all over it, using antique delftware pieces and some replicas as the design inspiration.  I was the antique lover, but she didn't care as long as things were blue.  Her room captured people's breath when they saw it.  It was in the rounded turret part of our antique victorian.  Huge curved windows were draped in white swiss dotted panels parted as an invitation for sunlight to swarm and illuminate the periwinkle blue walls.  The hues of blue walls and decor framed by white trim made a gentle statement of the classic delft pottery.  Accents in deeper blues, including the dishes and a vase, enriched the palate with authenticity of delftware design.

The room, reminisced now in memory and photos, was a true blue beauty.

Here is my nod to delftware in garment form.

Shirt: JCrew, Skirt: TJMaxx, Shoes: Zulily, Belt: TJMaxx