Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summery Strawberry Salad

I actually broke out a long sleeve shirt yesterday.  It felt so thick and confining as they usually do after months of thinner short sleeves.  Mornings have been very chilly, the days and evenings cooling steadily, and so I keep cooing 'its still summer, its till sumer' in hopes of serenading the season back for another go round (maybe not in the nineties, but eighties are welcome).  

Here is a summery salad I made for a deck lunch.  It has that warm weather appeal with the bright fresh colors that sprout from the season.

Fresh sliced strawberries on a bed of fresh baby spinach and romaine.  Dotted with chopped walnuts and layered in grilled chicken.  Fresh basil leaves coarsely chopped add a huge flavor dimension.

Dressed with only a shake of salt and pepper, misted with olive oil and splashed with fresh lemon juice.  The flavors of the ingredients stand on their own and need no further enhancement.

Summer deliciousness especially under a beaming sun on a lounge chair.

I could eat this aaaall daaay looong.