Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beside Still Waters

I think too much.  I think, think, think, think, think.  Then I think and think and think.  Are you thinking on all that thinking yet?

Sometimes its pondering.  Sometimes its wondering.  Sometimes its analyzing.  I simply always have thought, think, thunk.

This is both the proverbial blessing and curse.  I think to develop understanding, knowledge and hopefully wisdom.

However, my thinking can become chaos in my mind, and that causes physical turbulence.  Then the good has turned to not so good, no matter the original intention.

As I walked by the lake, I glanced across the very picturesque waterscape.  Completely smooth.  As still and glossy as a sheet of glass.  Reflective of the beauty regardless of the bustle around and within it.  I was instantly reminded that I do not have to think so much or so hard.  My mind can be still.

It is not my job to think everything through to a wonderful outcome of which I am neither capable of producing nor responsible for creating.

These waters, with all the liveliness jostling below were resting in complete stillness on the surface.

That is often how I feel.  Whirling inside but a picture of calm outside.

I don't want to be a picture.

I want to be as calm inside as the surface projects me to be.

I want to be still despite any underlying or surrounding circumstances.

God is God and I am just me.

He leads me beside still waters.

 It's up to me whether I reap the peace from Him or think my way out of it.

I choose the serenity He gives knowing and trusting He is God.

Now, to think on this lovely choice...