Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Variations on a Gray Theme pt 2

Good morning.  We were recently blessed with this house after a grueling five years of trying to sell our old one.  We put it on the market right at the tip of the crash and slithered down the landslide all the way to the swamp of exponential foreclosures flooding the selling pool.  It was agonizing and exhausting, but worth every grimy emotional second of over 200 showings and open houses because we got the super blessing of our present home.  Since I wasn't here last spring, I have been wondering what is the stuff sprouting around the yard.  I am curious to watch unidentified things pop up and welcome the warm weather.  Some things never quite happened, sadly.  They withered before they matured-I think.  Did your stems look like this?

They struggled for so long then just gave up before becoming a lovely tulip.  And what do you suppose this to be?

I thought it was an Azalea, but it never bloomed flowers.  Then the leaves started turning red.  Its not hideous, but I'm not sure if I like it. The shape is scraggly so maybe a prune-up will improve its aesthetic impact since there are several along my housefront. 

Here are the Summer posts for gray inspiration.  I will wait to do fall and winter when seasonally appropriate.  Something to look forward to right?

Apricot/peach and tan:

Are there branches poking my hair?  I backed up a little too far.
Hold on, I must shine my lips...

Actually, these shots were taken by my poor son whom I enlist as photographer when my daughter isn't around.  He thinks its soo funny to catch me in the worst ways as retribution for his pain and suffering being behind the lens.  I hear a giggle and I know he snapped another "goodie."  Touche Jake!
Ok, lets get back to business..


Another of  'Jake's funny takes'

 We are almost done, just wrap up the session for me please?

 He did.  I love my boy.
Cardigan: Costco, Tank: Talbots, Skirt: Macy's, Shoes: Marshalls, Belt: Express like fifteen yrs ago.

Bold yellow and white:


Cardigan: Target, Bow Blouse: Lands End, Linen Maxi Skirt: Talbots, Belt: Talbots, Shoes, Marshalls (Carlos).