Friday, May 17, 2013

Gray as the Day



Cardigan: JCrewFactory, Dress: JCrewFactory, Dotted tights: TJMaxx, Shoes: DSW, Belt: Marshalls
An overcast day is a mild canvas for creating a beautiful color template.  Wisps of white clouds and slivers of aqua sky bring dimension to a backdrop of various shades of gray.  Cool and neutral, heather gray is the wind beneath the wings of the most subtle color accents.
Extremely versatile as a year round color, gray has a huge following.  Some of its bosom buddies are pale and bright yellow, maroon/burgundy, navy, celery green, pink, lavender, Kelly green and even taupe or brown.  Gray, like white, is every color's best friend because it serves to accentuate not compete with them.  It's an easy mainstay whether you go with complimentary, contrasting, bold or muted tones.  If you don't have your own favorites already, you may want to broaden the gray horizon across your closet.  I will be posting these soon so you can have a visual to draw from.